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Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow - Memory Foam Edition - Purple

  • R 2,111.99

We all know how important it is to get your beauty sleep…but who knew you could actually fight wrinkles while catching some Zzzs? The bestselling Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow is an innovative anti-ageing pillow with a unique U-shape design to cradle the face and neck, improving the quality of your rest and helping to minimise fine lines and creases. An ultra-luxurious option, this version of the pillow is made with memory foam for optimal comfort.
Description According to clinical skin care expert Nurse Jamie, a poor sleep routine is the number three cause of premature ageing – and the position you lie in can etch fine lines and furrows into your face at night. To help fight wrinkles and restore the youthful complexion you’ve been dreaming of, this innovative pillow has a unique U-shape design that cradles the face and neck and conforms to your contours, improving the quality of your rest and helping to prevent the skin from creasing as you slumber. Ideal for travel, you can grant your skin a healthier, more rested appearance overnight, simply by getting a decent night’s sleep! The pillow’s ultra-silky, satin finish supports even the most delicate of skin types and is available in four colour options to suit every taste – purple, white, midnight grey and leopard. For the ultimate luxury anti-ageing option, this version of the bestselling pillow is made with memory foam, which conforms to the contours of your head and neck perfectly for a heavenly night’s sleep.
How to use Side Sleepers: Position smaller U-shape on the side that you rest. Back Sleepers: Place large U-shape at the base of neck for optimal back and neck support. Care Instructions Pillowcase: Wash pillowcase in cold water on delicate cycle with mild detergent. Dry on low, fluff cycle or air dry. Pillow: Hand wash pillow with a cloth. Let air dry.

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