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Baume de Rose Le Gommage Corps ( 180g )

Baume de Rose Le Gommage Corps ( 180g )

  • R 1,786.99

An irresistible addition to one of By Terry’s best-loved lines (and an indulgent addition to your beauty routine) Baume de Rose Le Gommage Corps is a blissful rose-infused body scrub that will transform dry, dehydrated skin. Enriched with delicate sugar crystals and By Terry’s signature rose complex, the scrub gently exfoliates skin, buffing away dryness and turning into a milk on contact with water to infuse cells with much-needed moisture. Your skin will be left silky-soft, unbelievably smooth and beautifully regenerated.
Description Redefine your skin’s texture and transform your body with By Terry’s luscious Baume de Rose Le Gommage Corps, a gentle yet effective body scrub that will leave your skin unbelievably soft. Enriched with delicate sugar crystals and By Terry’s signature creamy rose combination – including rosehip seed oil, rosa centifolia flower, rosa damascena flower and rose waxes – the formula gently exfoliates the skin, buffing away dry cells and infusing moisture to leave you feeling silky-soft, smooth and rehydrated. Transforming in the shower, the scrub melts into a delicate, nourishing milk in the warmth of the shower, perfect followed with {Baume de Rose Body Cream} to lock in all that precious moisture. 100% of women surveyed by By Terry described a soft, immediately nourishing effect when they tried this – we like those odds!
How to use Apply the sugar scrub in a circular motion, using only a gentle pressure. Rinse with warm water, allowing the scrub to melt away into a delicate, nourishing milk. Gently pat skin dry, and follow with {Baume de Rose Body Cream}, to lock in moisture.

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