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Bain TS - Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalp & Dry Ends ( 200ml )

Bain TS - Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalp & Dry Ends ( 200ml )

  • R 898.99

Hair often gets a rough deal; tugged, teased, blasted with hot air, scorched with sizzling irons and dipped in colour-stripping chemicals… none of which make for a glossy, contented mane. Colour and chemical treatments, coupled with regular heat styling and over-exposure to serums, sprays and oil-exacerbating elixirs, can result in locks looking more than a little bewildered. Luckily, Leonor Greyl’s ‘Bain TS’ helps to counteract the damage wrought by too much mane-taming, whilst clarifying greasy roots and dissolving dulling dirt and residue. Et voila! Bouncy, balanced locks which gradually graduate from temperamental adolescence to glossy, grown-up gorgeousness. This is perfect for combination hair.
Description There are masses of products to treat combination complexions, but combination (s)tresses are invariably overlooked… until now. Leonor Greyl’s ‘Bain TS’ is targeted towards split personality hair types, with oily roots and brittle, dehydrated ends that emerge from the shower either parched or weighed down with residue. In ‘Bain TS’ the mild astringency of Lime Tree oil helps to purge roots of grease, product build-up and residue, while Yeast helps to moderate sebum production and the anti-perspirant properties of Sage cleanse and purify congested scalps. A blend of vitamins and plant proteins then nourish and fortify vulnerable lengths and ends for happy, harmonious hair.
How to use After treating hair with Hulie de Palme, wash with 'Bain TS' using fingertips to invigorate the scalp and dissolve dulling build up and residue. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if you use a lot of product/live in a polluted, urban environment.

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