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Autumn Facial Oil ( 20ml )

Autumn Facial Oil ( 20ml )

  • R 2,311.99

de Mamiel's hand-blended, organic Autumn Facial Oil is designed to nourish and revitalise post-summer skin by un-doing the ravages wrought by sunshine, and counter-acting the dulling effects of a sluggish, cold-weather metabolism. 100% natural, it's a blend of heavenly essential oils – including amaranth (anti-inflammatory), sandalwood (rejuvenating), grapefruit, green mandarin and lemon (energising), geranium bourbon (balancing) and jasmine sambac (to inspire optimism and confidence) – specially selected to support your skin (and spirit's) changing needs at this transitional time. It smells divine – ideal for promoting a more positive outlook as winter gloom creeps closer – and works brilliantly for all skin types, especially mature, damaged and hyper-sensitive.
Description Autumn’s drier air can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling uncomfortable and tight. During this time of change, skin needs additional support and protection, and acupuncturist Annee de Mamiel’s Autumn Facial Oil is brimming with vital essential oils and flower essences – including bird cherry and hawthorn berry, alongside harebell and one-flowered wintergreen – to repair signs of skin damage, protect against the dehydrating elements, and help you embrace the darkening skies and seasonal mists with positivity (and minimal excess emotional ‘clutter’). Decongesting, warming, smoothing and toning, this delectable oil prepares your skin to cope with the harsh winter climate, and is beloved by beauty editors – who are known to part with hard earned cash, to benefit from Annee’s unparalleled expertise…
How to use Smooth 4-5 drops on to a cleansed face and neck. Pause for a moment, cup your hands and cover your nose and mouth, breathe deeply for a count of 3, hold at the top then breathe out for a count of 5 releasing all tension. Repeat 3 times. Massage gently with small circular upwards movements from the centre out, until absorbed.

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