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Atlas Eau de Toilette ( 100ml )

Atlas Eau de Toilette ( 100ml )

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Inspired by the majesty of North Africa’s Atlas Mountains, Laboratory Perfumes’ Atlas Eau de Toilette is a stunning, sensual evocation of Morocco’s sights, sounds and exoticism. Powerfully evocative, this multi-layered blend of tobacco, rum, vanilla and spicy black pepper is smooth, smoky and totally captivating – the perfect scent for a discerning gent (or intrepid garçonne).
Description Capturing the ‘essence’ of Morocco, Laboratory Perfumes’ Atlas Eau de Toilette will transport you from the Marrakech medina to the country’s snow-topped peaks. Inspired by the smooth, nostalgic quality of pipe tobacco, Lab’s creators worked with a tobacconist to discover the perfect blend and cure to build their fragrance from – eventually alighting upon one with a whisper of the exotic, reminiscent of North Africa’s historic heart. They introduced supportive layers of warm, velvety rum, sweet vanilla and hay to intensify the scent’s Moroccan character, before lacing it with cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and a splash of cognac to enhance its boozy, sultry signature. Complex and beautifully beguiling, this evolves as the day progresses – revealing new facets to elevate your intrigue.
How to use Spritz liberally and allure.

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