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Apa White Rinse ( 300ml )

Apa White Rinse ( 300ml )

  • R 661.99

Utilise the latest advances in dentistry with this whitening, strengthening mouthwash from Apa Beauty. Formulated by cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, the unique pH-balanced, alcohol-free formula features peppermint oil to fight germs and freshen breath, alongside hydroxyapatite to support tooth enamel and rebuild the surface of your teeth.
Description An ultra-advanced whitening mouthwash, Apa Beauty’s Apa White Rinse helps to strengthen and remineralise teeth while boosting their healthy, pearly whiteness. PH-balanced and alcohol-free to help prevent acidity and protect tooth enamel, the clever formula is enriched with hydroxyapatite – one of the building blocks of tooth enamel – to help rebuild the surface of your teeth. Formulated to help prevent decay-causing plaque and tartar build-up, this ingenious rinse leaves your mouth feeling incredibly clean and refreshed – with peppermint oil fighting bacteria and freshening breath.
How to use Use twice a day after brushing.

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