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Apa Radiance Care ( 15ml, 11.4g, 2.6ml )

  • R 1,509.00

Uniting Apa’s Tooth Gloss, Lip Loofah and Blue Lip Shine, this innovative collection will transform your smile (and it’s exclusive to in the UK – lucky us!) The brainchild of cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, the gloss and shine will make your teeth look whiter and brighter, while the exfoliating lip scrub will keep your lips beautifully smooth.
Description The perfect way to sample Apa Beauty’s innovative smile transformers, Apa Radiance Care collection features the brand’s Tooth Gloss, Lip Loofah and Blue Lip Shine. The brainchild of cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, Apa Tooth Gloss is a revolutionary way to make your smile sparkle. Adapted from a backstage trick used for the runway, this ingenious, light-reflecting gloss is applied directly to teeth to make them brighter and shinier, while also freshening breath with peppermint oil and nourishing with natural extracts and fighting cavities with xylitol. Lip Loofah is a gentle scrub that exfoliates and moisturises lips with sugar, almond seeds and natural oils for a super soft, smooth result. Top this with Blue Lip Shine – a lip gloss that makes teeth appear whiter with clever blue light-reflecting crystals and peppermint oil to freshen breath – and your smile will reach dazzling new heights.
How to use Tooth Gloss Apply straight to teeth and give us your best grin. Lip Loofah Buff a small amount into lips then wipe or wash away to reveal the radiance beneath. Blue Lip Shine A lip gloss that makes your teeth look whiter? It sounds like a fantasy but Apa Beauty has made this a reality with Apa Blue Lip Shine. Enriched with clever blue crystals that naturally reflect light, this glossy shine creates the appearance of whiter teeth, while also freshening your breath with peppermint oil. Sweeping on to impart instant shine, this clear, blue-tinted gloss gives a naturally enhanced look alone, or works brilliantly over your favourite lip colour.

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