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Apa Pink ( 30ml )

  • R 661.99

An innovative addition to your white smile regime, this nutrient-rich gel nourishes and rejuvenates gums, helping to fight bacteria and ensure pink, healthy gums – that make your pearly whites look whiter. Enriched with vitamin E, cucumber and peppermint oil, this genius gel decreases inflammation, works to repair damage and freshens breath.
Description An innovative, nutrient-rich oral gel, Apa Beauty’s Apa Pink works to nourish and rejuvenate your gums, so that they look healthy and pink – simultaneously making your teeth appear whiter. The revolutionary gel delivers targeted care to your gums via antioxidant-rich vitamin E (which helps to decrease inflammation), bacteria-fighting, breath-freshening peppermint oil and rejuvenating extracts of lemon, cucumber and Irish moss. The unique formulation works on the cellular level to repair tissue and boost your gums so that they look plump and healthy.
How to use Use twice daily on gums.

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