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Angled Cut Brow Brush (#15)

Angled Cut Brow Brush (#15)

  • R 598.99

If you like to shape and fill your brows with powder the Angled Cut Brush from {Anastasia Beverly Hills} is the perfect tool. Name an eyebrow you'd like to emulate and you'll find it was created by this Fairy Godmother of Hollywood's brows. Anastasia Soare has worked her magic on everyone from J-Lo to P-Cruz and now, thanks to her extensive (and affordable) eyebrow range, you can too!
Description Anastasia's Angled Cut Brush has been specifically designed to make maintaining your eyebrows a veritable breeze. The stiff nylon bristles pick up exactly the right amount of brow powder pigment, so you don't end up looking like a pantomime baddie, and have been crafted with the optimal slant to fit the brow bone and make powder application and everyday grooming quick, accurate and totally hassle-free. Available in two sizes, the perfect brows are a couple of clicks away.
How to use Always shape your brows in either natural light or a VERY good alternative to avoid that, 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' look. Use this brush alone or with eyebrow powder in short, upward strokes following the natural line of the brow.

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