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Anchor ( 10g )

Anchor ( 10g )

  • R 1,323.99

Part of de Mamiel’s innovative Sleep Series, Anchor will ease you back into a blissful slumber if you’ve found yourself rudely awakened. Combining a bespoke blend of herbs, watermelon seed oil and passionflower oil (which maximise the absorption of vitamins and minerals essential for quality sleep) this potent blend anchors your senses – just the thing for those nights when you can’t stop tossing and turning.
Description The product of extensive research into why we don’t sleep and what keeps us awake, de Mamiel’s ingenious Sleep Series is a sublime remedy for the over-tired among us. Anchor is there for you when you wake up frequently in the night, tossing, turning and unable to get back to sleep – leaving you feeling exhausted when morning comes around. It works by calming overactive nervous systems, relaxing and soothing your mind back into a calm state so that sleep descends once again. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, watermelon seed and passionflower oil to maximise the absorption of minerals such as magnesium and zinc and B vitamins that are essential for quality sleep. Together with luscious essential oils, this potent blend will lull you back into a calm and blissful slumber, working in harmony with de Mamiel’s Settle and Soothe blends to form the ‘Sleep’ phase of the Sleep Series.
How to use Warm a small amount of the Anchor balm in your hands, place over your nose and breathe deeply for a minimum of 3 breaths. Anoint inside your wrists and décolleté to allow the balm to work and release any tension which you are holding.

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