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Amber Eau de Toilette ( 100ml )

Amber Eau de Toilette ( 100ml )

  • R 2,148.99

WE REGRET THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO SHIP FRAGRANCE OUTSIDE OF THE UK With layers of woody, smoky notes, the beauty of Amber lies in its seeming simplicity. The original aim with Laboratory Perfumes was to create a range of scents which evoke a strong sense of place. The fragrances share an association with the English coast and surrounding countryside. Imagine a heathland walk, a stroll along a tidal estuary or summer’s day with friends on a quiet pebble beach. Amber's intensity evolves seamlessly from the initial green burst that paves the way for the smoky, sensual base. Warm, sophisticated and distinctive, it's the perfect marriage of nature and science (and a chic addition to every dressing table).
Description This warm, earthy fragrance combines layers of wood and ambergris with grassy, spicy top notes, to surround the wearer in a balmy haze. Incredibly long lasting, Laboratory Perfumes' Amber lingers on the skin for hours after first spritz, mellowing to a subtle, sexy base that positively smoulders. Like a YSL smoking jacket, Amber's velvety warmth has masculine origins, but works wonderfully on a woman of substance, bringing a smooth, sophisticated air that's impossible to resist.
How to use Spritz liberally and get set to allure.

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