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Altitude Oil ( 10ml )

Altitude Oil ( 10ml )

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However you get where you're going, travelling goes hand-in-hand with anxiety, germs & fatigue - none of which you remember inviting. Thankfully, de Mamiel's Altitude Oil helps you stay on top when you're threatened with under-the-weather. Smelling salts for the modern age, just inhale the refreshing aromas to strengthen defences, rebuild resolve & quash a bacterial uprising. A few drops in a handkerchief, or dotted just under each nostril, will help keep you healthy (& sane) on the 'plane.
Description Annee de Mamiel's Altitude Oil has been specially blended to stitch in-flight nerves and fight cabin fevers. A cocktail of essential oils, each one has been carefully chosen for its' soothing, antiviral or antibacterial properties; to ward off infection and ease troubled minds. Including Lavender to alleviate tension, Eucalyptus to help clear your head, Fragonia to bolster immunity and the antiseptic properties of Pine, it's the perfect travel companion whether you're air, tube or bus-borne.
How to use Sprinkle a few drops on a tissue or handkerchief, or dot a small drop under each nostril and breathe deeply. Alternatively, tip one or two drops under running bath water and soak away the travails of your travels.

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