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Aloha Ambrosia Elixir ( 30ml )

Aloha Ambrosia Elixir ( 30ml )

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Hand-blended on the lush north shore of Kauai, Hawaii, this exotic elixir is a superfruit feast for the skin. The weightless, silken texture absorbs beautifully, infusing each cell with essential nutrients to keep your complexion perfectly moisturised and completely nourished. It’s overflowing with youth-enhancing antioxidants and vitamins derived from a cocktail of organic mangosteen, goji berry, guava and passion fruit oils. Delicately scented with jasmine, apply after cleansing to say ‘aloha’ to your most gorgeous glow.
Description An exquisite, exotic elixir, Leahlani Skincare’s Aloha Ambrosia Elixir will bring stunning Hawaiian sunshine to your skin care ritual. The weightless, silky-smooth formula sinks into skin to infuse each cell with nourishing, youth-enhancing antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, derived from a cocktail of luscious tropical fruits and flowers. To name just a few of the ingenious natural ingredients: mangosteen oil helps to reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production, goji berry oil is full of antioxidants and amino acids to help firm and tighten, organic jojoba oil moisturises and organic aloe vera soothes. Underlying this, Leahlani’s signature blend of jasmine essential oils reduces dryness and provides antibacterial benefits, while also imparting an intoxicating, uplifting scent. Ideal pressed into skin after cleansing, this will strengthen, soften and repair your complexion, leaving it soft, supple and gorgeously glowing.
How to use Shake very well before using. Apply 1 pump to your fingertips and emulsify well before applying. Gently 'press' or massage into your face and neck after cleansing and toning. Allow 1-3 minutes for your skin to absorb before applying make up or other products. A little goes a long way, add more as needed.

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