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All Over Glow ( 20g )

  • R 1,161.99

A gorgeous gift (even if it’s just to your good self) this luxurious duo will ensure that your skin is polished to perfection from head-to-toe. Featuring Laura Geller’s Baked Body Frosting in a sheer, luminising copper-bronze shade alongside a super-cute lollipop-style puff, the perfect pairing will add warm bronze and pearly luminosity anywhere on the body. Thanks to buildable coverage and versatile wet or dry application, you’ll be able to achieve both subtle sheen and layered radiance with this silky-smooth powder.
Description Fancy flashing a little flesh? Laura Geller’s All Over Glow will keep you looking back-from-holiday fresh and glowing whatever the season. A moisturising, silky-smooth powder, Baked Body Frosting is a subtly bronzing, luminising miracle, imparting pearly, copper-bronze radiance all over the body. Thanks to buildable coverage and clever wet or dry application, the powder glides on to give a subtle hint of luminosity and can also be built up to give a full, satin-sleek effect. Sheer, luminous and endlessly eye-catching, it’s luscious applied to limbs and décolleté with the super-cute, lollipop-style puff included. A delectable duo, this makes the perfect gift for the glowing goddess in your life – even if it’s for yourself.
How to use Apply wet or dry. A single stroke with the dry body puff will give skin a dewy radiance. Add a second or third layer for a more intense glow. You can also lightly wet the puff to get a more dramatic gleam. Apply in smooth strokes wherever you want a sensuous glow. Remember to take care of your puff. Every now and then, wash it out with anti-bacterial soap, and let it dry overnight.

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