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All Brow, Only Brow Kit

All Brow, Only Brow Kit

  • R 1,261.99

The All Brow, Only Brow from Bobbi Brown is an all-in-one kit for well-groomed brows and a more polished look. Featuring two shades, grey and mink, these soft powder shadows define and shape with natural-looking results. Available in a slick compact with a two-sided mirror, mini tweezer and brow brush, it’s even great for easy, on-the-go application.
Bobbi Brown All Brow, Only Brow Application: Tweeze any stray hairs, keeping in mind that the start of the brow should be aligned with the inner corner of the eye. (The arch is three-quarters of the way across the brow from there.) Use Mink Eye Shadow to define where hair is most sparse and Grey Eye Shadow to add fullness throughout the brow Includes: 2x powder shades, 1x mini tweezer, 1x mini brush

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