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[ AGE TWENTIES ] Age 20's Compact Foundation Premium Makeup, 1 Extra Refill - White Latte Essence...

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WRINKLE SMOOTHING, BRIGHTENING, SUNSCREEN (SPF 50, PA) It's a moisturizing, dewy compact filled with foundation that is infused with essence. This product includes 68 percent super hyaluronic serum, and hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water. WELCOME TO YOUR FOREVER FOUNDATION. This Luxury K-Beauty Product does NOT clog pores; does NOT require a lot of touch-ups, is NOT "cakey," does NOT build up in layers. BIG TIME SAVER Compared to Traditional Foundation: Just 1 easy step for your makeup base. It makes your skin look brighter, smoother and luminous, and also provides anti wrinkle protection with 68 percent essence serum. It gives you a flawless and natural look with nice coverage, and can last for almost a day. VERY BLENDABLE and feels light on the skin. Keeps your face moist with its hydrating effect, but not wet. Great coverage, and awesome if you are looking for a foundation to keep in your purse or desk due to its compact size. Built In Mirror plus one refill included. FDA APPROVED Yes, we are an Authorized Importer from AeKyung Korea, and we are only selling Age 20's Essence Cover Foundation Pact FDA Approved, Double Check the seller's name: CELLTO should be your only source for this top selling korean skin care beauty product bb cushion
The Age 20 White Latte foundation is best suited for very fair to medium golden (sun kissed) skin types. Nude Beige (#21) is best for very fair, Natural Beige (#23) is most suitable for fair or light skin. Deep Beige (#25) is suitable for medium neutral tone of skin. Dark Beige (#35) is suitable for medium golden tone of skin. Daily most selling brand listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (6.1 sets sold per second in 2015!) Most selling K-Beauty brand and purchased foundation. This product is tightly shut, and make sure to keep the cap because of the moisturizing ingredients it contains. Refill 12.5g (2 ea) + Case (Gift) A free puff for every refill Made in Korea. FDA Approved. Pink Latte OR White Latte? Pink Latte is for yellow skin tones brightens with the pink tint, and White Latte is for redness, it brightens and reduces redness. You can also select a color either #21 ( Light Beige ) or #23. Welcome to the makeup solution thats for looks and skin care! ( Natural Beige) CELLTO is an Authorized Importer and Seller designated by AEKYUNG KOREA.Look no further for the best korean skin care bb cushion product on the market: Age 20s

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