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Age Support Eye Cream ( 15ml )

Age Support Eye Cream ( 15ml )

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Emma Hardie’s Age Support Eye Cream is the eye-deal way to recapture your skin’s youthful firmness and freshness. Not solely anti-ageing (although this wages multi-pronged attack on all the tell-tell signs of cellular ‘slow down’), this luxurious cream also counteracts signs of fatigue, so you look wide-awake and well rested… even when you’re anything but. Infused with moringa seed extract (Emma Hardie’s key ingredient) - a renowned tissue-strengthener and potent source of skin-essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients – alongside soothing, nourishing and free radical-fighting oils of evening primrose, sunflower seed and avocado, this decadent eye treatment is your ticket to eyes that belie their adventures… however late (or early) it is when you make it to bed.
Description A super-charged everyday eye cream, combining Emma Hardie’s signature botanical extracts and essences with Matrixyl 3000 – a potent blend of line-lessening peptides – the rich yet readily absorbed ‘Age Support’ feels nourishing on the skin, without smothering the delicate orbital area. Specially developed to fortify the fabric of the skin around the eyes, this luxurious formula works to tone, tighten, lift and eliminate crêpiness – so your eyes look younger (and your soul shines brighter). Heavenly scented and a pleasure to apply, this is the perfect excuse to take care of your complexion – you’ll be clamouring to smooth this on each morning (and evening) – and will quickly be rewarded for your efforts.
How to use Take a small amount of product and apply to cleansed skin using your index finger. Gently tap product around the eye area, product can be used morning and/or evening.

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