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Age Delay Hand & Cuticle Cream ( 100ml )

Age Delay Hand & Cuticle Cream ( 100ml )

  • R 798.99

Winner of the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible’s ‘Best Anti-Ageing Hand Cream’ award, this rich velvety formula quickly replenishes precious moisture whilst improving the appearance of crêpiness, age spots and hyperpigmentation thanks to 10% Glycolic Acid. A fragrant blend of essential oils – including Orange Blossom, Rose, Geranium, Chamomile, Lemon and Rosewood – helps to nourish, smooth and brighten hardworking hands, while Jojoba and Avocado oils, together with Vitamin E work to strengthen, repair and protect skin and cuticles. Intensive yet easily absorbed, this sinks in beautifully with no oily residue, so you can carry on being a multi-tasking miracle worker. High five Alpha-H!
Description We invest small fortunes into ‘preserving’ our skin’s youthful glow, but it’s no good if your hands betray your years. Oft forgotten in our quest to stave off ‘age’, hands are constantly exposed to sunlight, free radicals and dehydrating soaps, sanitisers and detergents, but help is (finally) on hand (sorry)! Age Delay Hand & Cuticle Care Cream contains Alpha-H’s signature Glycolic Acid – an AHA, which gently loosens the bonds that bind dulling dead cells to skin’s surface and in turn, accelerates cells’ repair and renewal processes. With regular use, delicate skin becomes stronger, thicker and younger-looking – your hands will look positively pampered!
How to use Apply liberally and massage cream into hands. To encourage strong healthy nails, be sure to massage into the cuticles.

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