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Age Defying Smoothing Treatment ( 90 x 330mg )

Age Defying Smoothing Treatment ( 90 x 330mg )

  • R 3,961.99

Developed by one of the world’s leading facialists, Age-Defying Smoothing Treatment is rich in powerful peptides and antioxidant Tocotrienol – a natural member of the Vitamin E family – which combine to correct, perfect and protect your skin from the ravages wrought during everyday exposure to the elements. Like the finest silk pillowcase, this gel-like serum feels soothingly luxurious when massaged into cleansed face and neck at the end of a long day, disappearing almost instantly to leave no stickiness or residue, only super-soft, hydrated skin that looks several years younger come morning. Fragrance-free and suitable for even sensitive skin types, the clinically proven formula maintains its potency within the capsules, without any need for preservatives.
Description Fight the good fight against ageing with Eve Lom’s Age-Defying Smoothing Treatment; the deluxe, skin care equivalent to bath pearls (remember those!?). Each capsule is bursting with skin reparative and rejuvenating ingredients, including the revolutionary, patented hexapeptide – a combination of six nature-derived amino acids, which help to realign and fortify the fabric of your skin – resulting in fewer fine lines, reduced wrinkle depth and a smoother, more radiant ‘glow’. The potent night treatment works hard while you slumber, to un-do the day’s damage and strengthen, repair and rejuvenate skin so you wake up to a ‘plumped’, crease-free complexion that radiates health and luminosity.
How to use Apply on clean skin every evening. Twist a plant-based capsule open and apply by lightly tapping the serum onto the face and neck area.

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