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Advanced Hydration Mask ( 45ml )

Advanced Hydration Mask ( 45ml )

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Designed to replenish and retain maximum skin cell hydration, this unique treatment can be used daily to keep skin happily hydrated and gorgeously glowing. With aloe vera, whole organic actives, rich plant oils and Indian senna seed – also known as ‘botanical hyaluronic acid’ – it enhances skin’s ability to retain moisture. The advanced formulation can be removed without water, reducing trans epidermal water loss for the most radiantly hydrated result possible. Utilising the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients, Josh Rosebrook’s super skin saviours will become your new go-to for green, clean beauty.
Description Keeping skin hydrated is one of the best ways to keep it looking radiant and youthful – and Josh Rosebrook’s Advanced Hydration Mask is specially designed both to replenish skin’s hydration and help cells retain it. Suitable for daily use, this unique treatment features aloe vera, whole organic actives and rich plant oils to supply cells with potent nutrients and support regeneration. Indian senna seed – also known as ‘botanical hyaluronic acid’ – is a star of the show, enhancing cells’ ability to hydrate and retain the moisture that is critical to skin repair. The advanced formulation can be removed without water, reducing the amount of trans epidermal water loss and maintaining maximum hydration. Plumping and conditioning while also improving circulation, this mask supports healthy dermal function and slows skin decline.
How to use While damp, apply Advanced Hydration Mask. Leave mask on for 15-25 minutes. Option: mist Hydrating Accelerator over face while mask sets. Remove mask with a clean dry cloth. Finish with the Active Infusion Serum and Vital Balm Cream. The Advanced Hydration Mask can be used as an effective hydration support treatment daily and also doubles as a powerful facial cleansing balm. Mist face with the Hydrating Accelerator and massage a generous amount of the mask over face and neck. Spend 3-4 minutes massaging the mask into skin and then remove with a dry or damp cloth. Finish with Vital Balm Cream. Formulated for normal to dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin - all ingredients are non comedogenic, but skin types who congest easy or are acne prone should sample first. *Please note that due to the delicate nature of the formulation, Advanced Hydration Mask may liquefy while in transit during the summer. This is completely normal and does not affect the product's efficacy or performance. To restore the wonderful, silky texture of the products, simply refrigerate for 48 hours.

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