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adr_ett Eau de Parfum ( 100ml )

adr_ett Eau de Parfum ( 100ml )

  • R 4,448.99

The latest generation of synthetic musk, Helvetolide is lauded for its distinctive (and delectable) pear not. Its subtle fruitiness is balanced by pink pepper, cool iris and smoky tonka bean, resulting in this full-bodied and lingering fragrance.
Description A celebration of the beauty and complexity of fragrance chemistry, Nomenclature’s efflor_essence Eau de Parfum is contained in an elegant lab flask – in honour of its man-made origins. Created by top perfumer Frank Voelkl – the prestigious German-born, New York-based nose, who strives for ‘perfect imperfection’ in his compositions – this soft, slightly powdery unisex perfume is chic and timeless. Inspired by the German word ‘adrett’ which means ‘neat’ or ‘dapper’, this understated blend of musky Helvetolide, piquant pink pepper, cool metallic iris and a smooth, subtle symphony of tonka bean, vanilla and ambergris is sweetly sensuous.
How to use Spritz liberally on pulse points, or mist the air and step into the fragrance cloud to envelop yourself with the most subtle perfume.

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