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ADAPTASUN FACE CREAM Strong Sun ( 50ml )

ADAPTASUN FACE CREAM Strong Sun ( 50ml )

  • R 1,173.99

Institut Estherderm Adaptasun Face Cream is a complete sun protection system that uses patented Adaptasun technology, that trains your skin to fortify itself at a cellular level. Through fighting free radical damage and stimulating the production and distribution of melanin, your skin stays safe while developing a faster, longer-lasting tan. UV inCellium then provides external protection, filtering the harmful, UVA and UVB rays to prevent burning and delay skin ageing.
Description This facial sun cream has been formulated for normal skin, that tans easily without burning. It ensures that you are protected from extreme sun (think equatorial or high altitude) for prolonged periods, whilst still allowing you to develop a golden holiday glow. Institut Esthederm have a completely original approach to sun protection - there's no SPF rating and instead, you choose your sunscreen by skin type and the intensity of the sun you're exposed to - what could be easier?
How to use Apply evenly to your face and neckline 20 minutes before exposure. Renew application every 2 hours. With every product in the ADAPTASUN range it is a good idea to start using the product on your skin for a few days before you go into the sun to give it a chance to work its magic, training your skin to react better to the sun. This will also make your tan develop faster and last longer when you come home!

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