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Acupressure Mat ( 42cm x 68cm )

Acupressure Mat ( 42cm x 68cm )

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The bed of nails has been used by Indian mystics for centuries in the practice of healing and meditation and now it's been re-invented with a Skandi twist to give you a whole range of benefits, from tackling insomnia and easing stress to helping you re-balance after a long haul flight, alleviating arthritic aches and reducing the appearance of cellulite (the spikes help the body rid itself of toxins and increase blood flow, to assist the breakdown of stubborn fat groupings). It's also brilliant for relieving chronic neck and back pain, and can even have a positive impact on your complexion!
Description Far from being a scary instrument of torture, this Bed of Nails can actually banish aches and pains and help you get a heavenly night's sleep. The makers have cleverly combined oriental history with Scandinavian modernity to create a funky-looking acupressure mat that alleviates tension, stress and back pain. More than 8,800 non-toxic plastic spikes are arranged on the mat and work in a similar way to acupuncture needles, helping release endorphins (the body's own 'happiness' drug) and oyxtocin, to help you stay calm and relaxed.
How to use Lay the Bed of Nails on the floor or on a mattress and slowly lower yourself onto it. Beginners should wear a light T-shirt or lay a sheet over the mat until your body and skin get used to the spikes. Initially lie on the Bed of Nails for 10 - 15 mins, and as you get used to the pressure you can build up to 20 - 30 mins. Use as often as you need - preferably daily. Don't be alarmed if your skin stings a bit or feels warm and tingly, and it's perfectly safe to fall asleep for a while on the mat. Leaning against it (rather than laying on top of the mat and pillow) is a lighter way to use Bed of Nails while you acclimatise (you put less weight on the spikes when you do). Place the mat/pillow at the back of your sofa, bed or armchair to experience the benefits while building up your tolerance.

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