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Aboat Pack of 9 Sheets Henna Temporary Tattoo Black Body Art Sticker

  • R 399.00

Pack includes: 9 Sheets different Henna temporary tattoo with vibrant images designs, you can have them in one time Safe and easy to use: non-toxic and safe; Easy to apply and remove Good quality: black temporary tattoos will last long at least 5 days Water proof: those metallic temporary tattoos are water proof, so you can wear them at beach or pool parties all the summertime Nice design: includes feathers, leaves, necklaces, bracelets, flowers, butterfly and so on
Features: Non-toxic and safe Durable surface Easy to apply, transfer and remove without any glue. Including feathers, maple leaves, necklaces, bracelets, flowers, butterfly and so on. Quantity: 9 sheets How to use tattoo stickers Step 1: Clean and dry the skin completely. Step 2: Cut out the tattoo you like, then remove the transparent film. Step 3: Place tattoo face down to the skin. Step 4: Rub and wet the tattoo completely with damp cloth or sponge. Step 5: Peel the corner of the tattoo gently to check if it is transferred, if not, press down and wet again. Step 6: Your tattoo can last for several days if transferred carefully. How to remove tattoo stickers Rub with cold cream or baby oil. Alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly.

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