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3 Sheets of Battle Royale Characters Kids Temporary Tattoos | Birthday Party Supplies Favors |...

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✅ SAFE MATERIAL – Made with non-toxic materials, our tattoos are 100% safe and completely harmless for your little ones. ✅ LONG LASTING – These tattoos are made of durable material and can last up to 3-5 days with normal day to day activities. ✅ IDEAL FOR BATTLE ROYALE LOVERS - Ideal for all Battle Royale lovers who can’t stop playing this game throughout the day. Also ideal for BR Cosplay. ✅ REMOVES EASILY – These tattoos for children can be removed easily by olive oil, baby oil, coconut oil or through simple scrubbing during your bath time. Rubbing alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly. ✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - These kid-friendly Battle Royale themed tattoos are wonderful for kids and adults alike of all ages, regardless of their gender.
Are you looking for a unique accessory that will be ideal to reflect your own and your kid’s passion for Battle Royale Games? Then look no more because we have the perfect product for you. From their 100% safe material to their unique characters, these temporary tattoos are ideal for every kid and adult who cannot spend a single day without playing this game. Long Lasting Specifically designed for your little ones, these tattoos can last up to 3-5 days and with their waterproof aspect, they promise to stay in their place without messing up. Due to their harmless composition, they are suitable for all skin tones and can be applied easily with the help of wet piece of cloth. Our multi-color temporary tattoos come in a variety of shapes and characters to suit your personal taste. Suitable to wear even at beaches, they are a great tool for both boys and girls. They are also durable and known to keep their color for long periods of time. Great for All Occasions Suitable for all skin tones, these tattoos can be applied anywhere on your body such as your ankle, wrist, back, chest, arm, shoulder, forearm or hands etc. They are also great for many occasions and can be worn during birthday parties, festivals, beaches, photo sessions, school events, carnivals and family fun time, especially for Battle Royale Cosplay. Perfect Reward These tattoo stickers are perfect prize to bring a smile on your little one’s face. They can be given as a reward to kids during school competitions, birthdays and can even serve as a surprise gift for good results. How to remove tattoo stickers Rub with cold cream or baby oil Alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly.

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