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2 in 1 eyebrow pencil + eyeliner,with 80 pairs eyeliner stickers, double-headed smudge-proof...

  • R 469.00

Easy to use and makeup: soft brush head, slim & exquisite design can make the corner of the eye and eyelash root easy to sketch. Smooth and good color: uninterrupted water, stable & smooth & one-shot, the effect is very gratifying. Stereoscopic makeup smudge-proof: the effect of waterproof & smudge-proof can stand the test, it’s a waterproof styling pencil which can create a high-quality look. The refill of the pencil is made of natural plant grease which is soft to draw clear line with shining color. It can bring up a stereoscopic and deep black eye makeup just with one drawing. Its water proof and sweat proof property could also assure a permanent wear. & AFTER SELL SERVICE: We make customer satisfaction our top priority and ship out orders via warehouse. Each purchase is backed by our 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that if you don’t like the product we’ll offer a full refund (even you use it) so that you can shop without worrying about a thing.
Product features: Perfect combination of eyeliner+eyebrow pencil, special polygon refill of eyebrow pencil, easy to grasp, multi-angle drew, convenient to use, line drawing evenly and naturally. Exquisite fine-headed eyeliner, smooth water. Unique function of water storage and diversion, the water is full and smooth, one drawing is instant & uninterrupted, the color is not easy to smudge, the makeup remover is easy and clean. A dual-purpose pencil can perfectly create vivid and beautiful eye makeup effect. How to use eyeliner: Step1:Draw close to the roots of eye lashes from inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, thin the drawing close to the inner corner to give a natural looking. Step2:Repeat drawing on upper eyelid and the outer corner, fill the gaps between the eyelashes to highlight a stereoscopic effect. Step3:If lower eye line is needed, slightly draw close to the roots of eyelashes from outer corner to the 1/3 part. How to use eyebrow pencil: Step1:Rotate the pencil to get 3mm tip. Draw from head of the brow to the end. Step2:Slightly draw the outline of brow ridge and brow end following the growth direct of eyebrow. Step3:Draw the parts near the edges more detailed.

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