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1A Overnight Mask ( 50ml )

1A Overnight Mask ( 50ml )

  • R 2,873.99

A leave-on sleeping pack, this game-changing treatment was developed with the modern 'multi-hyphenate' in mind – working to reverse the daily damage caused by stress, pollution, smoke and alcohol, while supplementing skin’s regenerative processes to ‘undo’ the effects of hard work (or debauchery). Brightening, fortifying and intensively hydrating, this also has a dramatic impact on acne – reducing acne lesions by 67% in 28 days.
Description Rushing to the rescue of stressed, ‘worn out’ skin, Allies of Skin’s 1A Overnight Mask is packed with potent, rehabilitative actives to support repair and prevent signs of damage. With a cocktail of cell-energising ingredients, this creamy-balm accelerates renewal and works hard to brighten dulled, lacklustre skin, while a nutrient-rich blend of argan, Arctic cranberry seed and cloud beery seed oils works to nourish, strengthen and enhance elasticity. Ideal slathered over face and neck after a ‘heavy’ night (you’ll wake up looking well-rested and luminous), this is also perfect for protecting your skin from dehydration during flights – creating a protective shield that ‘seals’ moisture and ‘good stuff’ in, while locking toxins and pollutants out. It’s also clinically proven to help problematic, blemish-prone complexions – dramatically reducing visibility and regularity of acne lesions to maintain skin’s clarity and radiance.
How to use After cleaning and using the Molecular Saviour Toner Mist, apply nightly to clean face, neck and around the eye area. Do not rinse off. Always apply SPF the morning after. For an extra dose of protective hydration, spritz Molecular Saviour Toner Mist again after application.

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