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119 pc Bachelorette Party Tattoos/Bride Flash Tattoos (8 Sheets) Perforated Temporary Metallic...

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100+ GORGEOUS METALLIC TATTOOS Add some shiny fun to any bachelorette party with these stunning bridal flash tattoos. Your crew will be sure to stand out with these gorgeous tattoos. PREMIUM QUALITY The metallic gold tattoos are sure to catch eyes from day to night through the duration of your Bride Tribe celebration. They are non-toxic and can be worn where ever your Bridezilla or Maid of Honor demands. MULTIPLE DESIGNS 28 different designs (8 sheets) 100+ unique tattoos are sure to please even the most finicky bridesmaid. Included designs will appeal to all from the “drunk in love” sweet heart to the wild child in any bridal party. INSTANT FUN These can be used as a party favor or handed out to Team Bride the night of the celebration. The stunning gold will turn heads and the funny tattoos are sure to be conversation starters. A night of endless laughs and games. QUICK & EASY APPLICATION Each sheet and tattoo is perforated for hassle-free use. Any mistakes applying can be easily undone by rubbing baby oil or nail polish remover on the mishap. Multiples of each design are provided.

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