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10 Sheets Temporary Tattoo Stencils Various Designs Templates for Henna, Body Art, Airbrush (10...

  • R 419.00

LOTS OF STENCILS: More than 150 tattoo stencils stickers in 10 different sheets QUANTITY& SIZE: 10 different stencils sheets with various patterns. Each sheet measures 11”x7.5” EASY TO USE: Stencils are self-adhesive and easy to apply even for beginners. REUSABLE: If handled with care and cleaned after use, stencils can be reused up to 3-4 times. APPLICATIONS: Stencils can be used with henna, body art, airbrush paint, or any other drawing projects on flat surface.
These temporary tattoo stencils are easy to use and suitable for beginners. They can be reused if gently removed and cleaned after application. Stencils are suitable for many applications including henna, body art, airbrush paint, etc. They can also be used to paint the design on any flat and clean surface.

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