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06 Body Perfecting Gel ( 200ml )

06 Body Perfecting Gel ( 200ml )

  • R 1,648.99

Phenomenally rich in reparative and regenerative ingredients, Dr. Jackson’s 06 Body Perfecting Gel has a featherweight texture for rapid absorption and optimal penetration (this sinks in almost instantly without any stickiness). Starring extracts of sea buckthorn, kigelia, baobab, orange flower and patchouli oil, this exhibits a firming and tightening effect – refining and perfecting the appearance of your skin from top to toe. Refreshing upon application, this all-natural treatment is deeply replenishing – flooding cells with precious moisture – while simultaneously stimulating repair and renewal processes to gradually diminish visibility of stretch marks, scars – and even cellulite. Just massage over skin post-bathing to leave your limbs feeling smooth, supple and lustrous.
Description Developed by Dr. Simon Jackson – a pioneering specialist in the field of pharmacognosy – Dr. Jackson’s combines cutting-edge science with all-natural ingredients, to fortify skin’s fabric and reverse existing damage. The study of traditional, nature-derived medicine, pharmacognosy aims to understand and harness the phenomenal properties of plants and centuries-old wisdom – discovering and modifying benefits which Dr. Jackson then distils into his comprehensive skin care line. Brimming with clinically proven botanical actives, this is serious skin care for purists – beautifully housed, sustainably sourced and phenomenally effective.
How to use Use Dr Jackson's 06 Body Perfecting Gel all-over after bathing.

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