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05 Face and Eye Essence ( 50ml )

  • R 1,986.99

With an ultra-lightweight, jelly-esque texture, Dr. Jackson’s 05 Face and Eye Essence is a beautiful daily hydrator for all skin types – perfect on its own if skin is combination/oily, or layered under day cream if you need a souped-up moisture boost. Sufficiently gentle for use around the eyes, this refreshing blend of cooling aloe, calming rose water and soothing Roman chamomile floods parched cells with precious, ‘plumping’ moisture whilst alleviating puffiness and counteracting signs of sagging. It’s also rich in baobab and kigelia to promote elasticity and bolster skin’s resilience – while the inclusion of brightening vitamin C helps to correct uneven skin tone and protect against free radical-attack.
Description Developed by Dr. Simon Jackson – a pioneering specialist in the field of pharmacognosy – Dr. Jackson’s combines cutting-edge science with all-natural ingredients, to fortify skin’s fabric and reverse existing damage. The study of traditional, nature-derived medicine, pharmacognosy aims to understand and harness the phenomenal properties of plants and centuries-old wisdom – discovering and modifying benefits which Dr. Jackson then distils into his comprehensive skin care line. Brimming with clinically proven botanical actives, this is serious skin care for purists – beautifully housed, sustainably sourced and phenomenally effective.
How to use Apply to clean, dry skin - massaging a small amount over face and neck until absorbed. Apply gently to the eye area - patting repeatedly with ring fingers to maximise penetration.

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